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09 Dec 2022, 00:21

09 Dec 2022, 00:36
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Vladislav Alexandrovich Soloviev was born in 1973 in the city of Moscow, in the family of ordinary middle-level workers, his father was a designer engineer in a “Compass” construction bureau and his mother was a bookkeeper at the same company. In childhood, he was into history, in high school he went to locations of historically important battles, such as Borodino. Vladislav was not a social child, he preferred the Moscow libraries to judo and karate classes, popular among his peers at the time. r/
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Vladislav Soloviev was appointed to the position of Historical Fond’s General Director (This fund is engaged, in particular, in the study of the activities of Rusal, Arcelor and other large enterprises) in November 2014. of-mobilization-in-russia-da59a8e2789e
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